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Vickerman Dies purchased the Vickerman inline bullet seating line with the desire to reintroduce the Vickerman Die back to the reloading public. The Vickerman inline bullet seating die is the same die made by Winn Vickerman the original designer and manufacturer. All Vickerman die parts are interchangeable with the original Vickerman inline bullet seating die. All parts are made with precision CNC machine tools to insure quality and customer satisfaction. We offer the hand loader a die that will consistently seat bullets with little to no run out to improve the accuracy of each load. The Vickerman is very fast and easy to use whether your reloading a 17 cal or a 45-70, drop your bullet in the window and seat the bullet into the case in one easy motion. If your desire is accuracy consider the Vickerman inline bullet seating die.


All Vickerman Dies products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee if in any way you are not satisfied you can return the product for a complete refund providing it’s in the same condition as when it was received.


The internal guide is chamber reamed to fit the neck and shoulder of a specific caliber case and the guide in the open window is reamed to .001” over the bullet diameter. The window is 1 1/2” long to allow for the larger bullets. All parts are interchangeable, one fits all. A standard punch will fit on a Micrometer die. This way you can have the Micrometer Top for precision loads and a standard for other calibers.

Vickerman Standard Die

The standard die is a complete die to the caliber of your selection.


Vickerman Micrometer Die

The Micromter Die is a precision die to the caliber of  your choosing.


Vickerman Standard Kit

The standard kits can be used with all Vickerman dies.


Vickerman Micrometer Kit

The Micrometer kits can only be used with the Micrometer die.


Vickerman Shell Holder Extension

Shell holder measurements are for the case rim diameter, and case length.

The Vickerman is a tall die, you will need a Vickerman extended shell holder for all cases 2-1/2" and shorter. If you are using a progressive press the die might not work if you need an extended shell holder.