Vickerman Seating Die


These instructions are for the standard die and, the Micrometer Die. The only deference is the Micrometer Die doesn’t have the knurled lock ring on top of the stem.

Turn the 7/8”-14 split, lock-ring on body up to bottom of window. Screw die into press until it stops at lock-ring then adjust die so window is facing forward, lock into position with lock ring and tighten lock ring screw.

Place case into shell holder. Raise case until it comes into contact with bottom of guide or when guide starts to move up in die window. Place bullet in die window and continue to move case up to top of ram travel. The bullet will be set at the proper depth by adjusting the stem up or down buy the knurled knob on top of the die or by the micrometer top. Tighten knurled lock ring on top of stem when desired setting depth has been made, it is not necessary to over tighten jam nut. There is no lock ring on the Micrometer stems.

To change caliber: remove stem, loosen set screw at back of die and guide and spring will slide out. Replace new caliber guide and stem into die body (do not over tighten set screw). Tighten set screw until it stops at bottom of guide groove and back off one half turn. The guide must be able to slide free on set screw